Gavin Reynolds

Geek, engineer, devops, photographer and hack. Geekery includes chef, ruby, rails, automation and process improvement.

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I live in Glasgow, Scotland and I am currently employed at Glasgow University SRC as their IT Manager. I have wide and varied responsibilities, ranging from systems administration to development to advising the organisation on any/all technical topics both inside and outside of IT.

At GUSRC I’m currently thoroughly immersed in a mix of Linux, Chef, Chef cookbooks and workflow, IT Ops and infrastructure automation, Ruby, Rails, WordPress, JIRA, Confluence and Sharepoint to name a few. I’ve also passed the CCNA and working towards CCNA Security & CCNP.

I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2009 with a BEng in Civil Engineering. My undergraduate thesis was an investigation into Genetic Optimisation of Structural Systems.

During my time at the University of Glasgow, I was actively involved in Subcity Radio as both IT Systems Manager and all round geek as well as performing similar roles with their parent organisation – GUSRC.

In 2009/10 I went on to do an MSc in High Performance Computing at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, University of Edinburgh. My MSc dissertation was an Investigation into different methods of fast polynomial evaluation.

After graduating from my MSc, I undertook a PhD at Glasgow with a focus on the application of High Performance Computing to structural & material science problems. However, due to a change in plans I decided to leave after a year and subsequently was employed full time at GUSRC.

I enjoy photography (specifically photojournalism as well as street, landscape, nature and wildlife). You can browse my public galleries at

I’m also keenly interested in politics, technology and gaming.